Friday, 30 November 2012

Some Exciting News

Hi everyone,

No pictures for you today but some very exciting news which I am so giddy about sharing with you all.

The amazing Pan Pastels Team have asked me to join their design team... I am sooooooo excited and so chuffed to be asked and cant wait to start creating some mixed media pieces for them.  I love the pan pastels and they are so great and easy to use (especially for a mum like me who cant always get painty incase the baby shouts!). As an added bonus they also look so pretty lined up (which always appeals to me hehe)

I cant wait to start on this journey with them and want to thank them for giving me another way to grow my skills as a mixed media artist. In fact I may need to get my pastels out this evening in celebration!

See you on the challenge blog soon!!

oooh and before I forget thank you all so much for commenting on my pieces, I love knowing that you guys are liking what Im making and thank you for your questions.. I will try to answer everything so dont be afraid to ask.

For Sam - The bracelet is made from a piece of cotton from an old pillowcase mod podged onto a strip of plastic from a empty pop bottle!

Thursday, 29 November 2012

New Journal page and Artsy Bracelet

Hello everyone.

Thanks for all the lovely comments about my new blog.. it is very much appreciated. I stopped crafting for a little while and lost my confidence but decided to start again :D

This evening whilst hubby and his son have been watching DVDs and playing on the playstation I have been getting inky again.

Tonights offerings are a journal page  and an artsy bracelet. I am not sure I like the bracelet so may have another try at that another time


Till next time friends... bye bye!

Monday, 19 November 2012

Make me a Bird Journal Page

I would like to share with you my third ever journal page. I am still learning with huge thanks to the lovely talented Emma and Sam, and by watching Youtube vids by the amazing Racho113. I have also taken the She Art workshop by Christy Tomlinson which is helping me learn different techniques.

This is in a A4 Journal (a cheapy one from ASDA) and uses acrylic paint, Colourwash Sprays, masks, and various texture stamps (most things available from Crafty Boots) . The black and white detail is made using Posca Paint Pens from Hobby Craft.  The paper is from a Studio Calico Pad and the quote is from Forrest Gump!

I've tried 12 times to get this the right way up! Grr

Sunday, 18 November 2012

New Start!

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my shiny new blog. I decided that seeing as I am trying a new crafting style, a new me and am movng on in my life that I needed a shiny new blog to reflect that so here we are :D

I do hope you will follow me and take a seat (no biscuits tho please Im on a diet... ok just the one... ok two but thats the limit!)

Just so you dont get bored with my wittering and to make the blog look pretty I will add some pic of my latest makes

Altered Phone Cover

"She Art" Canvas

Using Paper Artsy Crackle Paint

Using Pan Pastels

Using Pan Pastels and Stamps by Chloe

My First Ever Journal Page!

from a youtube tutorial by Racho111 (

from a youtube tutorial by Racho111 (

Will be backtomorrow with pics of a Journal page I made in the early hours of this morning