Sunday, 3 February 2013

Hi Everyone!!

I am really really excited to be able to tell you that I am involved with the launch of a brand new alcohol marker.

I will be demonstrating this fab new pen on Create and Craft at 7pm on 14th February. It will only be available from Create and craft for the time being so well worth getting your orders in.

As you know I fell out of love with colouring a while back.. the pens were making my hands hurt, and the blending was hard. But since using these pens I have got my love back.

Now don't be thinking I'm not a stamper I have no use for these cos you do! I have used them in my journal, on canvases, on tags... think of them as colour.... if you use colour you can use these pens!!

They are a fab double ended pen with amazing quality nibs.. they have a great shape barrel and the most amazing vivid pigments... no more having to layer a million times to get a lovely shade!

They also work with a new product called the mix-it palette... have you ever laid a colour blend down on your image to realise its not right and you have ruined the piece? no more!! blend the colour on the unique palette and use the blender pen to transfer... and whats more if you love your custom colour you can go back to it weeks later and "reactivate" it with the blender to use again!

Create and craft will be offering some exclusive sets complete with storage too (I  know!! I *heart* storage!!) So please tune in and have a look and find out more about these fab markers. They are being brought to you by the people who brought you pan pastels so you know they are going to be artist quality.

In the mean time I will leave you with some snippets of things I have used the pens for!


  1. Ooooh get you, Create & Craft indeed!!!

    Hope all goes well for you.

    Sam xxx

  2. New pens.........oh they look lush! I'm going to have to try them aren't I?!!! Look forward to seeing on my screen lovely lady. Take care Zo xx

  3. Hi Tracie, oooooh how exciting! i'll be glued to the telly lol
    Claire xx